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Olive Branch Christian Counselling

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What to do next?

It is normal to feel unsure and anxious about entering into counselling therapy. This may feel like a big step and may require some courage in making arrangements by phone for your first appointment. It may be helpful to explain here what will happen.

'Introduction session'

I can be contacted on 07853 284 485 where I may be able to speak to you directly or you will be able to leave a message with your contact details and I shall endeavour to contact you asap to arrange a suitable appointment.

This appointment will be for 45 mins and will be free of charge . This will give us the opportunity to talk about 'where you are', your reasons for seeking counselling, what you hope to achieve and whether you feel able to seek that from me. You may decide not to proceed or to make an appointment to begin your counselling journey.

There will also be an opportunity to discuss confidentiality boundaries.

Your first appointment

Your first appointment will be I hour long and is called the initial session. I ask that a payment of £35.00 be made at this first appointment.

During this session you will be able to talk about your concerns at your own pace in a relaxed setting.

A few minutes before the end of the session, with your agreement, we can discuss any further sessions that you may wish to have, make further appointments and agree on payment.

I shall ask you to sign a contract that sets out terms and conditions - detailing payment and procedure if required to cancel an appointment.

Contact me

To make an enquiry or appointment please contact Jan Bellamy


07853 284 485   or



BS39 5TE ( on A37 )

Full directions can be given when making an enquiry or appointment.

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