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Olive Branch Christian Counselling

Olive Branch Christian Counselling

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'...... My purpose is to give life in all its fullness .....'
( Jesus speaks in John 10 verse 10 )

Welcome to ' Olive Branch ' Christian Counselling

As a Christian counsellor I am aware that Christians may often find it difficult to seek support from those around them, particularly when we may feel that in serving others influences our own capacity to seek help for our own needs.'

Life can throw a myriad of challenges and I believe it to be an unhelpful misconception that as Christians we are exempt from circumstances that can 'set us off track'. Feelings of guilt and inadequacy can be experienced that may exacerbate what we are feeling currently.

It is important to remember that seeking counselling is not a sign of weakness. I believe that seeking help for emotional problems is equally important as seeking medical assistance for any physical ailments.

My aim is to provide a counselling service that allows you to talk about whatever is troubling you in a warm and safe environment and within the appropriate boundaries of confidentiality. There are a few exceptions and these will be explained at the first session.

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